Friday, July 18, 2008

Hillary Clinton supporters trying to rig MSNBC poll

Another blog that is demanding Barack choose Hillary is encouraging Hillary supporters to flood MSNBC's online Veepstakes poll.

MSNBC is doing an online poll. The MSNBC poll closes at noon on Monday -- we have until then to help Hillary win it. You have closed the gap from 20 points to 8 points. Please take a moment to forward this link to every Hillary supporter and friend you know and ask them to take 30 seconds to vote for Hillary. MSNBC will spend all next week talking about who wins this contest -- let's make sure its Hillary.

To vote: after the page loads click the small arrow next to Hillary's name and then press submit towards the bottom right hand side.

These folks are taking a cue from Hillary's primary campaign, say or do anything to win!

MSNBC's Veepstakes poll is fashioned after tournament where potential VP nominees are paired up and participants are asked to choose between them. The last two are Senator Joe Biden and Hillary. Biden isn't necessarily my first choice but he would be a fine VP for Barack and is infinitely better than Hillary. I have voted for Biden and encourage others to do so. Don't let Hillary and her dishonest supporters railroad the VP selection process!

If you haven't already voted in the MSNBC poll, please do so!

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